Rent a car Peugeot 5008 - 7 places in the Réunion

Peugeot 5008 Or similar

Peugeot 5008 - 7 places

Terms of hire

Minimum age: 25 years
Driving license's minimum years: 2 years
Accident franchise : 1000€
Theft franchise: 1000€
Deposit: 1100€

Car Features

  • 7
  • 5
  • 1
  • M

A rental category I offers dream levels of comfort for large families!

Hertz Réunion had large families in mind when it created its category I vehicle range. with no issues in terms of available space, a category I will give you the opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of family trips. This car boasts up to seven modular seats in a human size vehicle.

Do you want freedom but you thought that there was a limit given the number of people you are travelling with? Hertz Réunion recommends you look at renting a category I to make your life easier and allow you to travel in comfort around this incredible island. Big families or groups will be relieved to know that they can stay together while exploring some of the most beautiful Réunion locations.

You can take on new horizons as you set aside practicality issues to make way for the shared pleasure of diving into the heart of Creole culture. take things at same pace as the locals and ensure you give yourself the time to sit back and relax on the fine sandy beaches of this beautiful island. what do you have to worry about?

Just relax! you're driving a category I from Hertz Réunion!