Our rental terms and conditions

General conditions of car hire with Hertz Reunion

To visit the essential tourist attractions in Reunion, take advantage of Hertz Réunion agency’s services. Once you have validated the reservation of your vehicle, you acknowledge at the same time having read our terms of car rental. To help you and inform you about the essential, we give you an overview of these conditions.

The general conditions of Hertz Reunion’s car hire.

What documents will you need?

The establishment of the lease requires different documents from you. Such as:

  • ID
  • address
  • valid driver’s license
  • flow-through payment in your name...

Other criteria might be also necessary, according to the type of vehicle you have chosen:

  • age requirements
  • length of licensure
  • specific means of payment...

Where will be the removal point?

The contract you sign will specify the place where the vehicle will be available. You can remove and return your car either at the place you have chosen, or in one of our four agencies. You can find them:

  • at the Roland Garros airport in Saint-Denis
  • in Sainte-Marie
  • in Saint-Gilles
  • or in Saint-Pierre.

How should be the state of the car

Your rental car is given to you in apparent good condition. It is your responsibility to check at the time of delivery that there is no damage or abnormality caused to it. You must then naturally return the car in the same condition and perform the normal wear and tear maintenance:

  • level of water and oil,
  • tire change
  • upgrade of fuel level...

Who will be allowed to drive the car?

Apart from the driver in the contract, you also have the possibility to appoint additional drivers. For this, opt for the additional driver option when booking or at the pick-up time. Once their names mentioned in the contract, they are allowed to get behind the wheel. The car, however, will remain under your responsibility. Any infraction or violation of traffic regulations will be the responsibility of both the tenant and the driver.

What insurance will you have to subscribe?

You get a liability insurance, subscribed by Hertz Reunion. This insurance covers damage and injury (to driver and passenger) in case of accident. Be sure to take all necessary measures to the finding of the infringement and to preserve evidence. Your vehicle is not insured against theft, take then all necessary precautions to avoid any problem:

  • park the car in a safe place
  • do not leave the keys in the car in your absence
  • lock all the car doors
  • activate the anti-theft alarm…

How about the payment and return of the car

Before you can withdraw the car, you must make a deposit (Franchise vehicle warranty + fuel € 100) and pay the estimated price of the rental. You also have the option of reducing that allowance due to the partial reduction or total elimination of the franchise. These options are available when you will book.

Only the delivery of the car, his keys and administrative documents closes the lease. The return of the vehicle must be made during the opening hours of our agencies. The deposit will be cashed by the Hertz Reunion in case of:

  • non-payment of subscribed services
  • car damage
  • non-return of the vehicle (except in cases of force majeure).

For full details and to learn more about our general rental conditions, visit our website: http://en.hertzreunion.com/. You can also download the complete file by clicking here.