Rent a car Renault Clio V Hybride in the Réunion


Diesel or gasoline
Renault clio v hybride

Terms of hire

Category : L
Engine : Petrol
Unlimited mileage
Minimum age: 21 years
Driving license's minimum years: 1 years
Accident franchise : 1000€
Theft franchise: 1000€
Deposit: 1100€

Car Features

  • 5
  • 5
  • 1
  • A
  • A/C

Be an eco-responsible driver with a category L from Hertz Réunion.

Together, let's protect Réunion, so that the island will be as beautiful tomorrow as it is today. Hertz Réunion offers you their range of green vehicles in the Green Collection category, including the category L.

Protect the lush natural habitat of Réunion by renting a category L in the Green Collection category from Hertz Réunion. This compact rental car is a real joy to drive. This quiet vehicle is ideal for driving around town. Be sure however to limit your speed in residential areas as pedestrians can find it difficult to hear this particular car and may be startled.

This intelligent rental car handles its own energy source choices - for eco-responsible driving whether in town or out on the open road. Compact and smooth, this car was designed for both shorter and longer journeys - giving you choice throughout your visit to Réunion. Remember however to limit how much luggage you bring as there is only a limited amount of boot space.

If this hybrid model doesn't appeal to you, you can always rent a similar car that runs on conventional fuels.